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The Language we use - Julie Liptak | Early Life Foundations - Kathy Walker

When children are babies we tend to use what's now called 'motherese' the language people adopt when talking to babies or 'baby talk'. Motherese is very important, the sing song voice captures babies' attention and interest, helping them focus on the interaction.


Teddy bears picnic

Pet shop play

Julie Liptak has over 20 years of experience in working with childhood speech, language, learning & communication difficulties.

Julie and her team are focused on providing play based practical intervention in clinic or classroom. Results over many years have found that children and teachers respond positively to their hands-on, practical approach.

We work with children with autism spectrum disorders, language impairment, motor speech difficulties, dyslexia, spelling and reading delays. Speciality programs used by the team include Social Thinking and Multi-Sensory Learning.

Julie frequently provides training to schools and has been responsible for rolling out intervention programs such as the Zones of Regulations.

The wait list for Julie can extend out to six months.

Early childhood intervention is vitally important providing the best long-term outcomes for a developing mind and body